The Band

We are eight experienced musicians who have come together to recreate classic rock music mainly from the mid ’60s to mid ‘8os.

Nicole Allen


Nicole is a singer songwriter from the South of Spain. Her influences include Kelly Clarkson, Reba McIntyre and Stevie Nicks. She has toured with her own band, Stereo Snakes, around Ireland, the USA, England and Spain. She has supported Ian McCulloch amongst other top artists. She now brings her outstanding country rock voice to the Cover Girls Band.

Nicole Gill


Nicole has worked in a number of professional tribute and function bands touring the UK and worldwide. As a university lecturer and voice researcher, Nicole’s research is the first to study the psychological effects vocal distortion has on the voice. As a result, Nicole travels the world teaching vocal coaches about extreme vocal effects. As a bassist and backing vocalist for Grit pop band, Snake Eyes, Nicole was recently featured on the Radio 1 Rock Show. Now you can hear her distortion free lead and harmony vocals with the CGB.

Sarah Martin


Since graduating from the Academy of Contemporary Music in 2016, Sarah has set out on a path to take on all areas of the music and performing industry by storm. As a professional singer since the age of 17, Sarah has built up a profile of reputable credits, performing alongside many incredible artists including The Drifters, The Jive Aces, and Cassidy Janson to name a few. In September 2018, Sarah joined the International 1940’s Pin-Up Group “The Satin Dollz” as a vocalist, specialising in close vocal harmony and show-stopping vintage choreography. With The Satin Dollz, Sarah has performed at some of the UK’s top vintage events, such as the D-Day 75 Anniversary Festival, and at some of the UK and Europe’s best venues. One of Sarah’s big influences is Fleetwood Mac and now you can hear her perform some of their songs with the Cover Girls Band.

Ian Howarth

Bass Guitar

Ian started his musical journey by passing grade 3 clarinet at school. It was whilst playing in the school orchestra that he was introduced to the opening riff to Deep Purple’s Highway Star and so tried his hand at guitar, but unable to cope with six strings, later switched to bass! Several years after performing in various function and rock bands, he moved to Reading where he joined forces with Paul and Moon, eventually settling into Pulse (Pink Floyd Tribute), Nicole and the Papas and now the Cover Girls Band. He says that, aside from any offer to perform with Paul McCartney, he is here to stay. We say…

Paul Hancock


Paul, like Ian is a well known musician within his home town of Reading, with many years experience playing with numerous renowned local bands.  He has a well deserved reputation of being a very fine guitar player (who says?) and always standing on the left side of the stage (except when he’s on the right!). His many influences include the Allman Brothers (all their various guitarists), Dave Gilmour and Don Felder. You can hear the classic tones of his Les Paul in the CGB (but isn’t that a stratocaster in the picture?)

Nick Martin


Nick has a great love of music with tastes ranging from Abba to Zappa. He has played in numerous bands over the years in various styles and is equally at home with rock and funk. Nick’s favourite bands/musicians include Toto, Little Feat, Steely Dan, Todd Rundgren, Joni Mitchell, Shawn Colvin, James Taylor and Frank Zappa etc. ad nauseum. He has an unhealthy obsession with gear.



An incredible keyboard player with a love of prog rock. Moon can be relied upon to add layers of sound to any song, whether it is an out and out rocker or a gentle ballad. Famous for saying “it’s not and exam” when Adrian queries whether he’s playing the right notes, he has also never been known to turn down a roast dinner!

Adrian Ogden


As a child, Adrian tried his hand at the violin and at choral singing, before an encounter with a friend’s drum kit led to his true calling. A well known player on the Reading music scene, Adrian also spent ten years playing clubs up and down the country with the Briefcase Blues Brothers and other covers bands. In between he also found time to play to great acclaim for XTC fan gatherings with the tribute band X-sTatiC. More recently his has played in bands covering Pink Floyd, AC/DC and Thin Lizzy. With an eclectic range of styles under his belt, Adrian lays down the groove that underpins the Cover Girls live experience.

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